Improfestival Karlsruhe


Nach dem Erfolg der bisherigen Improtheater Festivals von FEM Fatale steht die kommende Ausgabe ganz unter dem Motto „Let’s go International“. Dieses Mal haben wir ein internationales Ensemble bestehend aus sieben Schauspielerinnen und Schauspielern eingeladen, die die unterschiedlichsten Shows vorstellen, die das Improtheater zu bieten hat. Von der großen Ensembleshow mit Musik über Horror bis zur improvisierten Theatershow im Stile des japanischen Regisseurs Miyazaki ist alles vertreten. Dabei sind Darsteller aus Argentinien, Kanada, Australien und ganz Europa. Erstmals im Theaterhaus in der marotte!

Mittwoch, 20.02. 21 Uhr
It’s the preshow of the Improfestival Karlsruhe: The hosts of FEM Fatale and early arrivals of the festival ensemble will put on a little surprise show in that anything could happen. The only thing we know for sure: It will be totally improvised and a lot of fun.

Donnerstag, 21.02. 20 Uhr
Eröffnung Improfestival Karlsruhe – geschlossene Veranstaltung

Freitag, 22.02. 20 Uhr

Sound Painting directed by Omar Galvan
The official opening of the Improfestival Karlsruhe features one of the most warmly received spontaneous works on the world circuit, today. Directed and conducted by outstanding Argentinian artist, Omar Galvan, the show is like a choir that is not restricted to music, alone, and is also enabled to soundscape, to talk, to rise from positions to perform theatrical scenes, dances, and more.
All of this is achieved seamlessly, even though improvised, through an adaptation of “Sound Painting”; a sign language designed for musical conductors by Walter Thompson. Omar Galvan has reimagined this system for improvised theatre, with memorable productions in Mexico, Spain, Austria, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Australia and now, Karlsruhe.

„Centerpiece“ is a show, hosted by Kiki Hohnen from the Netherlands, in which the festival producer and tech are invited to take the lead: the producer surprises the performers with a large object that will be at the center of the stage. The tech initiates scenes with whatever music or sounds they like, and the actors get inspired by these choices.

Worst Enemies
There are some people out there who frustrate us… anger us… even frighten us. But can we see things through their eyes? In this show, our performers will step into the shoes of their worst enemies, inhabiting characters with very different temperaments, passions and moralities to their own. The show will be a process of catharsis, involving laughter, horror, and maybe, just maybe, true understanding.
Directed and hosted by Alex Fradera from the UK

Samstag, 23.02. 20 Uhr

Spirited Away – A Miyazaki Show
The human world can be a dark place. Can also be simple and uplifting. In fact, nothing is ever black or white. We go through everyday life looking for moments of magic. What if we switch it, and look for everyday moments in a magical world?
Let us bring you to a place where nothing is normal. Where everything is normal. Where the weirdest and most magical creature can just be a girl, and where the spirit of the forest can just be a boy. A story where magic is real and reality is magic. This poetic, sensitive and full of emotions place is Miyazaki’s kingdom.
Miyazaki’s stories have one thing in common – heroes care. They care about the world, about the human part of us, about our soul. And we learn that sometimes, the best way to understand what it means to be human, is to not be one.
A wonderful project by Gael Perry from France and Gosia Rozalska from Poland.

The Bench
When two people share a bench, a story is born. Benches have so many stories to tell. Stories about lovers reuniting, friends giving advice to each other, strangers sharing secrets, through the comfortness of anonymity. Which story will you see this time? It all depends on… where this bench is.
Performed and directed by greek actress Billy Kissa together with Kiki Hohnen.

Four Rooms
Ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of a hotel room? Watch this newbie page boy get drawn into the stories of his unique hotel guests…